The Right Roofing Contractor For Denver Hailstorm Damage

How to choose the right Denver roofing contractor when you have hailstorm damage

Hailstorms can be quite common in the Denver area, and you can consider yourself lucky if you escape such an event unscathed. Every year, thousands of homeowners suffer damage to their roofs as a result of hail. If you are one of these unlucky people, you need to hire the right roofing contractor to repair the Denver hailstorm damage you have suffered.

However, finding a reputable contractor is not as easy as just opening the phone book. You need to make sure

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Denver Hailstorm


you choose someone who is going to do a great job for a reasonable price. Otherwise, you could end up paying too much for shoddy work.

Always make sure that you hire a firm that is headquartered in the Denver area. Hiring an out-of-state firm to work on your roof is a bad idea, since dealing with these hailstorm  “storm chasers” can be difficult. If you have any issues with the work they did, trying to track them down to repair any damage can be next to impossible.

Make sure that the contractor is factory-certified by at least one of the leading roofing material companies in the United States. CertainTeed and GAF are two such companies, so contact them to find out which local roofers have this qualification. You can find a list online of such firms.

Always obtain a report from the Better Business Bureau about any contractor that you are thinking about hiring. If they have a rating that is lower than “A-“, do not hire them. Make sure that there have been no significant complaints filed against the company in the last few years. If any complaints were filed, see how they were resolved.

Have the contractor give you some references so that you can talk to other customers. If they have been in business for some time, this should pose no difficulty for them. A good contractor who is proud of the work that is done will not hesitate to put you in touch with some of his previous hailstorm damage customers.

Get in touch with these people and ask them some questions about the job. Were they happy with the quality of the work? Did any problems occur after it was done? Was the work completed on time and under budget, or were there delays or additional costs? Were they treated courteously and professionally by the contractor?

Make sure that the roofers have all the appropriate licenses. While the state of Colorado does not require a license, such license are required at the local level. Ask to see proof that the contractor has obtained the proper licenses and certifications from the city of Denver.

In addition, a roofing contractor needs to carry sufficient insurance to cover any potential costs incurred during the job. Working on a roof can be dangerous, so the contractor needs to have enough insurance to cover the cost of any accidents that might occur while repairing Denver hailstorm damage.

Keep these tips in mind when you are hiring a roofer to work on your home. They can help you save a lot of money.

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