Storm Chasing by Denver Roofing Contractors

Not All Denver Roofing Contractors are Storm Chasers

The weather in Denver, Colorado can be quite unpredictable and storms and tornadoes are a fairly frequent occurrence. Many homeowners live in fear of a tornado or storm striking their town. The damage to fences, vehicles and even roofing can be severe and the drain on the average homeowner’s finances is often crippling.

Roofing Contractor Storm Chasers Video

Because Denver is such a hot-spot for extreme weather, it attracts a lot of storm chasers – and not just the kind with video cameras who are looking for the thrill of driving in the eye of the storm. Denver roofing contractors with questionable credentials often visit the homes of people who have recently suffered devastating damage from storms or from hailstones, and prey on the fear of those homeowners, telling half-truths about dangerous buildings, threatening to condemn buildings or saying that if they do not fix the property immediately then they run the risk of even more damage occurring next time it rains.

Don’t Rush into Any Decisions

Denver roofing contractors storm chasers

bad weather – caution – risk of storm

While some of what those Denver roofing contractors say is true, there is far more to the situation that what they suggest. It is important that you do not rush into making any decisions, and you should never hire a company that shows up unsolicited without doing a lot of due diligence first.

You do have some time after a serious hailstorm or other weather event to make decisions. Use this time to call your insurance company and ask them for recommendations. Research some local contractors and check their credentials. Ask about their insurance, bonds and licenses. Ask your neighbours who they use when their property needs fixing after a hailstorm. Get quotes from more than one contractor and then make a decision.

In fact, if you live in an area where the threat of weather damage is always present, you should probably have the number of a reputable contractor saved in your phone, and in a list of important numbers in your “emergency book” – alongside your insurance company, your doctor, and any other important numbers.

Whenever there is misfortune, there will be people eager to take advantage of it. Out-of-town companies eager to make a quick profit are a serious issue, and there is a high chance that they will convince a few desperate, stressed Denver homeowners, to make use of their services. If you know of any elderly or otherwise vulnerable homeowners in your area, try to educate them on the risks of dealing with unknown contractors. If you can save even one person from paying extortionate fees for their roofing work – or from the risk of being ripped off and left with an incomplete or unsafe job, then it will be worth the effort.

There are plenty of reputable Denver contractors out there who do not need to solicit trade in this way because their reputation is good enough that customers seek them out. Look for one of those insured and licensed Denver roofing contractors such as Integrity Xteriors and you can be confident you will get a job well done.

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