Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claims in Denver

Insuring your roof is very important because it is vulnerable to all sorts of natural disasters. One of these is hail storm. Since Colorado is one of the areas prone to hail storms, it is advisable to insure your roof against hail damage. In case of damage to your roof by hail, there are several things one should do when filing for a roof hail damage insurance claim.

First, ensure that you get a copy of your policy. Read all the information before calling your insurance company. Ensure that you are aware of all the quotes involved in your policy. Most claims will have a deductible, which refers to a certain amount of money that you as the homeowner will have to pay before the insurance company pays for the replacement. Also, ensure that you have met all the requirements of the policy. As the insurance company will want all details of the hail storm event, it would be beneficial for you to have any photos or videos of the events that caused the damage, that it the hail storm. These will be viewed by the adjuster that the insurance company will send to inspect the damage.

Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claims

The next thing you should do is hire a roofing contractor to access the roof damage and confirm if it has been caused by hail. The contractor also informs you of how much money you will require to replace the damaged roof. After filing for roof hail damage insurance claims, the insurance company have their own adjuster, whom they will send to your home to confirm the claims. Your contractor and the adjustor should both have notes that they will compare so that they ensure they have the same details. If found that your roof needs to be replaced, they will then approve the claim.

Sometimes the roofing contractor may tell you that there is extensive damage that needs to be repaired immediately. It is crucial that you not let this happen, as this will hinder the fact collection from the insurance adjuster. It might also result in to you not being approved for the roof hail insurance claim. You should also not sign any documents presented to you if you have not read them first.

You will need to be present when the adjuster is assessing the hail damage to your roof.
The insurance company is the only party certified to approve the roof hail damage insurance claim, so you as the homeowner shouldnít allow yourself to be tricked in to paying any other parties money to do roof repairs before the claim is either approved or denied. Many contractors may want to take advantage of homeowners that are ignorant to the process of the claim. It is also possible for the homeowner to get impatient if the roof hail damage claim is not paid. Sometimes this may cause them to ignore the process and hire someone to repair the damage to the roof. This counts as interference and might cause the insurance claim to be denied.

A homeowner should avoid signing any papers with the contractor until the insurance company gives all the details of the roof hail damage claim. Sometimes, contractors will push the homeowner to sign documents stating that they will be paid the whole sum of money that the insurance company pays for the hail damage. If the homeowner makes this mistake, the contractor may end up ripping him or her off.

It is always important that the homeowner reviews the reports of the contractor they hired personally and that of the adjuster to confirm that they both have the same calculations of the roof replacement. If the roof hail damage claim is denied, you can always hire a consultant to go through the whole process and figure out what to do.

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