What to Look For in a Roofing Contractor?

(Especially in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Front Range Area)


roofing contractor denverHomeowners all across the world need to have work done on their roof every now and then, and sometimes an entire new roof is required. But no matter your specific needs, it’s essential that you hire an experienced roofing contractor you can trust to do the job correctly. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that. Here’s what you should look for when shopping for a good roofing contractor:

The Roofing Contractor is Located Near You

Never hired a roofing contractor before and not sure where to start? No problem; there’s a first time for everybody. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re actually looking in the Denver, Colorado Springs and Front Range area — it’s easy to go online and find listings for great contractors in Colorado, only to find that they’re located hours away. Always check the address before you call or send them an email.

You can cut to the chase by getting referrals from friends and family who also live in Denver (if they’ve had similar work done), and you can also use specific search websites like Angie’s List or Yelp. Never hire a contractor without first getting reviews from previous clients. Good roofing contractors in Denver will also be more than happy to provide you with referrals from projects they have completed in the area.

The Roofing Company is Licensed

Surprisingly, not many people consider this when looking for contractors. But only hiring someone who is licensed to do roof work in Denver is important. Don’t be fooled if someone says they were licensed in a different place— these kinds of certification don’t always carry over, so it is imperative that your roofing contractor is actually legally able to do roof construction and repair in the Denver area.

The Roofer has the Expertise

Obviously, this is a big one. Good roofing contractors can answer your questions about the project and explain the process to you. If you have multiple options for the repair or roofing replacement you need, they will also be able to outline these for you and explain the pros and cons of each.

Having years of experience working on Denver roofs is obviously important, but it won’t be of help to you if those years were spent working on projects that aren’t like yours. For example, if you need a total roof replacement done, it wouldn’t be wise to go with a roofer that only has experience doing basic repairs. Or if you need only a few concrete tile shingles repaired or replaced, it won’t help if the contractor has only worked on asphalt roofs. Be sure to ask details about their past experience and expertise so you know they’ll be able to handle your project appropriately.


The Roofing Company Can Vouch for Any Team Members Involved

Depending on the size of your project, there may be multiple people working on your roof. Be sure to ask any roofing contractor you are considering whether or not additional people will be doing the work. And if this is the case, ask about what kind of experience they have and whether or not they too are licensed to do the work at hand.

Your Contractor Will Talk About Warranties

This is especially important when you’re getting a total roof replacement. What kind of warranty will your new roof come with? A lot of contractors do offer “full” warranties, but there are often many hidden catches— for example, manual labor costs may not be covered. Some Denver roofing contractors, however, will offer a full upgraded warranty that covers much more. It’s your roof and your home, so don’t be afraid to ask about such things.

Your Roofing Contractor Will Work Directly with Insurance Claims

If your roof was damaged in a manner that is covered by your insurance, the roofing contractor you hire should be willing to work with that insurance company and accept payment from them (if the funds are not paid out directly to you). Be wary of any contractor that is uneasy about working with insurance companies and/or wants payment in cash.

It is also important that your roofing contractor understands you may need to make future insurance claims should anything happen after the project is completed. Ask potential candidates if they have any experience with helping clients prepare insurance claims for roof damage, in addition to whether or not they would be able to help assess damage. If the roofer does a good job, be sure to keep their contact information should any future repair needs come up.

The Roofing Company Is Willing to Put Things in Writing

Despite what their profession’s name suggests, not all roofing contractors regularly sign contracts for their projects. However, not putting things in writing can sometimes lead to problems and simple misunderstandings. So if this concerns you, be sure to ask about drawing up a contract that you both can agree on and get a copy of. The agreement should outline what will go into the project and what supplies will be used. It also doesn’t hurt to have a specific project timeline, with allowances for uncontrollable delays (like poor weather conditions). But again, this is really just further emphasizes that you need a contractor who will listen to you and meet your roofing needs.

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