Our Denver Area Services

Denver, Colorado Springs and Front Range Services Overview

Integrity Xteriors Inc. of Denver is a certified Hail Damage and Storm Damage repair contractor as well as one of Denver’s top roofing contractors.  When a storm damages your home, it doesn’t just damage your roof.  You’ll quite often have other damage to siding, eaves troughs, decking and other parts of your home as well.  Rather than hiring different contractors for the various types of damage, Integrity Exteriors Inc. can do it all.

Why Choose Us?

Integrity Xteriors is experienced in all types of roof repair and roof replacement.  In addition, we also do windows and siding, decking and remodelling.  We are your one-stop shop for your storm damage repair problems.  We also understand Insurance.  We have experts who are licensed in the insurance industry so that we speak “insurance”.  That means that we can make your whole insurance claim process run smoothly and efficiently. You can always call us for a free estimate for any hail damage or storm damage repair needs.  We videotape our inspections so that we can immediately show you any damaged areas up close without you having to climb up on a roof yourself. In addition, for any projects worth over $5,000, we will donate $100 in your name to the Navy SEAL Foundation.

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