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Integrity Construction is a full service General Contractor in the Colorado Front Range area, including Denver, Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.  We specialize in kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, home additions, windows and doors, siding and roofing.

Make Sure Your Renovations Actually Add Value To Your Home's Value

kitchen renovation denverWhether you are thinking about renovation projects because you want to update the look of your Denver area home, or because you want to increase the sale potential of your property, not all renovations will increase the value of your home after they are complete. Before you spend your budget on projects that are not going to give you the best return, you need to keep these facts in mind.  The kitchen and bathroom are the two main rooms of your house that will scuttle a house sale faster than you can say "sold". If either of these rooms have outdated decor, old-fashioned plumbing, or are in need of some serious tender loving care, then the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that need to be addressed first. The older the house, the more suspicious a buyer is going to be about the state of the electrical wiring and the plumbing. These two items will be checked carefully by both the potential buyer, and any inspection company they retain to look over the house for them. If you know that either of these are problem areas then putting money into their repair or replacement will make the difference as to how fast you sell your Denver area home. Bathoom renovationThe number of bathrooms that your home has will not only help all family members to get ready on time each morning, but will make a difference to the value of your home. An updated bathroom will also make it more desirable to potential buyers. It is estimated that a full bathroom addition will raise the price of your home by 20%. However, the average bathroom addition will cost around $11,000 so keep this price in mind when working on your budget. A bright, light, airy kitchen does not need to cost a lot money wise, but will definitely make your kitchen and home more appealing. Even a coat of paint and some up-to-date light fixtures for your kitchen will see an increase in interest in the home. Two areas that can cost a lot of money when it comes to renovating, but which will not give you bang for your buck, is the installation of a swimming pool, and having an extensive landscape job done. While both of these things are nice to look at while you are living in the home, and a swimming pool gives a lot of family fun in the summer, they do not increase your home's value by the price they will cost to install. Another thing you need to watch is the cost of the items that you use for your renovations. While high end marble tiles might look rather amazing in your kitchen upgrade, you are not going to recoup the three-times-the-cost that you paid when you could have gone for a domestic product instead. If you have not renovated much in the past, it is important that you really do your research about which renovations will pay the most dividends to you in the future. By doing so you can make sure that your Denver home increases in value rather than you being left with nothing to show for your effort and expense.

Kitchen Renovation

Looking to get your kitchen renovated in Denver? There are many services that might be deemed good enough, but they just don’t produce the results that you are after. There are many homeowners that end up spending a lot of money on their kitchen and end up with something that is downright awful and is not worth anyone’s time. Make sure that you are going with a service, like Integrity Construction of Denver Colorado, that is going to deliver and that is only possible when you go with the best. Let’s take a glance the best kitchen renovation ideas.  Read More about Kitchen Renovations...

Bathroom Renovation for Seniors

It is unfortunate that as we age, our bodies remind us daily that we’re not quite the spring chickens that we used to be. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention states that one third of those aged over 65 will fall each year, and that up to 30% of those falls lead to severe injuries such as head traumas, or hip fractures.  Falls in the bathroom are very common among seniors.  Read More about Bathroom Renovations...

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