How to Deal With Roof Hail Damage to Your Colorado Home

Dealing With Roof Hail Damage to Your Home in Colorado

roof hail damage coloradoWhile hailstorms damage homes throughout the United States from time to time, Colorado seems to get more than its fair share of hail during the warmer months. Colorado ranks in the top ten states that experience hail damage most often, but the majority of the storms do not result in serious property damage. If you are a Colorado homeowner who owns a home home that has been damaged by large hailstones, you should immediately call your insurance company. Although it will be necessary for the adjuster from your insurance company to inspect the damage, you should limit how many people walk on your roof in order to prevent further damage.

Although hail damage can vary with different types of roofing, most insurance companies will completely replace the roof if hail damage is covered in the policy. While the roof may still protect the home short term, damage from a hailstorm has likely compromised the integrity of the roof material and shortened its life expectancy, especially with Colorado’s severe hail weather conditions.


Asphalt shingles are damaged by hail when the part of the granular surface is loosened by impact and washed away. This makes the shingle more susceptible to future hail damage and shortens its protective life.

Although wood shakes do not have a granular surface, sharp impacts from larger hail can crack the wood shingles into two pieces. This leaves some of the resulting smaller shingles unsecured so they may eventually fall out of place. A shake roof is seriously compromised in this case, so replacement of the entire roof or the most damaged areas is recommended.

A metal roof is more resistant to serious defects from hail than asphalt or shake roofing, but large hailstones can cause cosmetic deterioration due to dents and fractures in the protective coating. Although a metal roof will still protect your home for some time, the entire roof or the most damaged portions may need to be replaced if rust develops.

When a serious hailstorm has occurred, roofing contractors travel to the area to offer their services to homeowners who need roof repair or replacement due to hail. Some of these contractors are able to perform high quality work, but most are not licensed in Colorado. If you want to use the services of any out-of-state companies, proceed with caution because they may require payment upfront and do low quality work. In addition, they may be difficult to contact if you experience problems with your roof in the future.

Colorado Roof Hail Damage Experts

Reputable roofing contractors in your local area are likely to be very busy after a damaging hailstorm passes through your neighborhood. You may be able to get a list of the best local roofers from your insurance company, but it is advisable to get more than one estimate for the necessary roofing repairs.

You may want to consider using hail-resistant roofing for your replacement roof in Colorado to help prevent future hail damage. Your insurance agent can provide you with information about impact resistant roofing that ranks at least 2218 which is the UL standard.

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