Bathroom Renovation Tips for Seniors

Three Bathroom Renovation Tips For Making Your Bathroom Senior Friendly

bathroom renovations for seniorsIt is unfortunate that as we age, our bodies remind us daily that we’re not quite the spring chickens that we used to be. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention states that one third of those aged over 65 will fall each year, and that up to 30% of those falls lead to severe injuries such as head traumas, or hip fractures.

The bathroom is not a friendly place for those senior family members that are not steady on their feet. The presence of water alone is enough to elevate the risk of a slip if it is left undetected on the floor. If you are considering making some changes to a bathroom so that it is more senior friendly, keep these three bathroom renovation tips in mind.


One of the most annoying things about a bathtub for a senior is trying to lift the leg up high enough to get over the edge. Then, of course, there is the difficulty of trying to raise the body weight back up after that much needed soak is finished.

A walk in bathtub is the ultimate in bathing comfort for those that are physically challenged. Walk in bathtubs have a hinged door located on the side of the tub. This door is lined with a rubber seal. The bather can walk into the tub, close the tub behind them, and wait for the water to fill up around them. The pressure of the water inside the tub makes sure that the door remains closed. The main negatives of a walk in bathtub are that the bather has to wait for the water to fill up or drain away around them before they can enter or exit the tub. However, for those who do not have the flexibility to lift their legs over a bath edge, the inclusion of a walk in bathtub in a bathroom gives them back a bathing experience.


While two inches may not seem a lot of difference in height, it makes a huge difference when it comes to toilets. While a standard toilet seat sits approximately 14 1/2 inches from the floor, you can purchase a higher toilet that sits 16 1/2 inches from the floor. This 2 inch difference means that those seniors in the home who suffer from hip and knee pain don’t have to bend down so far to take care of their daily needs.



Grab bars can be installed beside the bath, inside the shower, and on each side of the toilet as a way for seniors to pull themselves up when they are having difficulty getting on their feet. These are particularly useful for those who suffer from arthritis.

The grab bar allows the user to transfer some of their body weight up onto their arms, which means less pressure on the knees and legs as they try to stand.

Whether you plan to install these features in your own home, or at the home of a senior loved one, these bathroom renovations can make sure that the user can continue to maintain some independence and privacy in the bathroom, without compromising their safety.

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