Kitchen Renovations – What are the Best Features

Kitchen Renovations That Can Boost The Value Of Your Home
Having a nice home is every person’s dream, so it makes perfect sense for anyone selling a house to consider renovations before placing it on the market. Kitchens are the most important part of the home when it comes to deciding how much it is worth. If you are looking to add substantial value, it would be a great idea to consider any or all of the kitchen renovations mentioned here.
Install New Kitchen Cabinets
One thing that can really bring down the look of a kitchen is old, worn cabinets. Even if you have a pretty decent looking kitchen otherwise, terrible cabinets can definitely decrease the value of your property. While applying a cheap stain will make it slightly more appealing, removing the old cabinetry and installing something new will most certainly make a larger difference when it comes to determining the value.

Purchase And Install New Appliances
These days, many buyers expect to walk into a home and find it outfitted with new, shiny appliances. While this is true, many sellers do not include these in the sale of their homes. Whether you believe it or not, a new roomful of appliances can add a huge amount to the asking price of your home. The difference is usually so much that sellers are able to replace the items that they sold and have a little left over for a rainy day.
Make an Island Part of your Kitchen Remodel
If you have ever looked at chef’s kitchens on television, you may have noticed the overall popularity of an island. Not only is this a convenient place for you to prepare great meals, but it can also serve as a place to eat (if you add bar stools) and/or the centerpiece for great conversations with guests. If you do not have a ton of money to invest into a large stationary island, you should consider buying one of the rolling types. These can add value while keeping more of your money in your pocket.
Consider A Kitchen Counter Backsplash
Looking at plain, mundane walls may seem fine to you, but many people in the world have another idea when it comes to kitchen decor. If you are looking for a great way to catch the eye of buyers while adding value to your place, you should definitely consider adding a backsplash. The good thing about this is that there are so many different options that they can fit into any budget. With everything from tile to glass to metal to granite, there are more than enough choices out there to please everyone.
Integrity Construction Kitchen Remodelling
When you are selling a home, it is very important for you to get as much for the property as possible. Giving your kitchen a makeover is a great way to do this. If you are looking to add value to your home, you should try one or more of the kitchen renovations ideas discussed here. They will help you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling your home and making a profit.
When it comes to kitchen renovations, Integrity Construction is your Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Front Range area expert.  Let us help you with your kitchen renovation project.  Click here to arrange for a free estimate.

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How to Deal With Roof Hail Damage to Your Colorado Home

Dealing With Roof Hail Damage to Your Home in Colorado
While hailstorms damage homes throughout the United States from time to time, Colorado seems to get more than its fair share of hail during the warmer months. Colorado ranks in the top ten states that experience hail damage most often, but the majority of the storms do not result in serious property damage. If you are a Colorado homeowner who owns a home home that has been damaged by large hailstones, you should immediately call your insurance company. Although it will be necessary for the adjuster from your insurance company to inspect the damage, you should limit how many people walk on your roof in order to prevent further damage.
Although hail damage can vary with different types of roofing, most insurance companies will completely replace the roof if hail damage is covered in the policy. While the roof may still protect the home short term, damage from a hailstorm has likely compromised the integrity of the roof material and shortened its life expectancy, especially with Colorado’s severe hail weather conditions.
Asphalt shingles are damaged by hail when the part of the granular surface is loosened by impact and washed away. This makes the shingle more susceptible to future hail damage and shortens its protective life.
Although wood shakes do not have a granular surface, sharp impacts from larger hail can crack the wood shingles into two pieces. This leaves some of the resulting smaller shingles unsecured so they may eventually fall out of place. A shake roof is seriously compromised in this case, so replacement of the entire roof or the most damaged areas is recommended.
A metal roof is more resistant to serious defects from hail than asphalt or shake roofing, but large hailstones can cause cosmetic deterioration due to dents and fractures in the protective coating. Although a metal roof will still protect your home for some time, the entire roof or the most damaged portions may need to be replaced if rust develops.
When a serious hailstorm has occurred, roofing contractors travel to the area to offer their services to homeowners who need roof repair or replacement due to hail. Some of these contractors are able to perform high quality work, but most are not licensed in Colorado. If you want to use the services of any out-of-state companies, proceed with caution because they may require payment upfront and do low quality work. In addition, they may be difficult to contact if you experience problems with your roof in the future.
Colorado Roof Hail Damage Experts
Reputable roofing contractors in your local area are likely to be very busy after a damaging hailstorm passes through your neighborhood. You may be able to get a list of the best local roofers from your insurance company, but it is advisable to get more than one estimate for the necessary roofing repairs.
You may want to consider using hail-resistant roofing for your replacement roof in Colorado to help prevent future hail damage. Your insurance agent can provide you with information about impact resistant roofing that ranks at least 2218 which is the UL standard.
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Bathroom Renovation Tips for Seniors

Three Bathroom Renovation Tips For Making Your Bathroom Senior Friendly
It is unfortunate that as we age, our bodies remind us daily that we’re not quite the spring chickens that we used to be. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention states that one third of those aged over 65 will fall each year, and that up to 30% of those falls lead to severe injuries such as head traumas, or hip fractures.
The bathroom is not a friendly place for those senior family members that are not steady on their feet. The presence of water alone is enough to elevate the risk of a slip if it is left undetected on the floor. If you are considering making some changes to a bathroom so that it is more senior friendly, keep these three bathroom renovation tips in mind.
One of the most annoying things about a bathtub for a senior is trying to lift the leg up high enough to get over the edge. Then, of course, there is the difficulty of trying to raise the body weight back up after that much needed soak is finished.
A walk in bathtub is the ultimate in bathing comfort for those that are physically challenged. Walk in bathtubs have a hinged door located on the side of the tub. This door is lined with a rubber seal. The bather can walk into the tub, close the tub behind them, and wait for the water to fill up around them. The pressure of the water inside the tub makes sure that the door remains closed. The main negatives of a walk in bathtub are that the bather has to wait for the water to fill up or drain away around them before they can enter or exit the tub. However, for those who do not have the flexibility to lift their legs over a bath edge, the inclusion of a walk in bathtub in a bathroom gives them back a bathing experience.
While two inches may not seem a lot of difference in height, it makes a huge difference when it comes to toilets. While a standard toilet seat sits approximately 14 1/2 inches from the floor, you can purchase a higher toilet that sits 16 1/2 inches from the floor. This 2 inch difference means that those seniors in the home who suffer from hip and knee pain don’t have to bend down so far to take care of their daily needs.

Grab bars can be installed beside the bath, inside the shower, and on each side of the toilet as a way for seniors to pull themselves up when they are having difficulty getting on their feet. These are particularly useful for those who suffer from arthritis.
The grab bar allows the user to transfer some of their body weight up onto their arms, which means less pressure on the knees and legs as they try to stand.
Whether you plan to install these features in your own home, or at the home of a senior loved one, these bathroom renovations can make sure that the user can continue to maintain some independence and privacy in the bathroom, without compromising their safety.
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Roofing Hail Damage And Replacing A Roof When Necessary

Roofing Hail Damage
There are a lot of problems that can occur that will cause you to need a roof replacement in the Denver area. One type of problem that you will have to think about when it happens is roofing hail damage. By learning whether or not it is time to replace your roof, it can save you money and can keep your home from getting damaged.
There are quite a few signs that can show you whether or not there is damage that warrants you having to get a roof replacement. If there are a lot of shingles missing, dented shingles, or leaks anywhere, chances are you’re going to continue facing these issues during every storm until you get a replacement roof. The fact of the matter is that even if you do a little bit of work on your roof to make small repairs, they won’t hold up to the rigors of hail and other Denver area weather issues in most cases.
Will Insurance cover your roofing hail damage?

Hail Damage Insurance Claim?
Each type of roofing will show different signs of damage when struck by hail. When you get roofing hail damage on a metal or tile roof, for example, you will find that this can mean your shingles will be cracked or broken completely. When looking at the asphalt style of roofing, even if you don’t see any damage you can look in your gutters and downspouts for granules which are sure signs that the roof has been harmed in varying areas by the hail.
Shingles on your roof will be damaged at a faster rate if you live in an area that has issues with hail or a lot of bad weather in general. This is due to the fact that when hail hits your roof, it wears down the shingles or breaks them completely. If it’s hard to determine whether or not it’s time for you to get a new roof or if it’s in need of repairs, consider how old the roof is. Depending on the type, after about 10 years or more you probably would be better off getting a whole new roof because hail can damage your whole roof when it strikes.
The best way to go about getting a roof replaced in the Denver Colorado area is to have an expert help you to assess the roofing hail damage, and then to come up with a plan to get a whole new roof put on that can withstand a little more damage than what you had before. Don’t think that you should always consider the way a roof looks over how well it is built and the materials used. While it may look fantastic to have tiled roofing, if the materials used are weak then it won’t hold up to hail damage and will keep costing you money to get it all properly repaired.
Roof hail damage is something you must learn about if you live in the Denver, Colorado Springs, Colorado front range area where this type of problem can occur. Otherwise, you may have a roofing issue and not be aware of it. By learning to care for your Denver roof, it will last longer and save your home from getting damaged.

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Quality Kitchen Renovation Contractors

Quality Kitchen Renovation in Denver
Looking to get your kitchen renovated in Denver? There are many services that might be deemed good enough, but they just don’t produce the results that you are after. There are many homeowners that end up spending a lot of money on something that is downright awful and is not worth anyone’s time. Make sure that you are going with a service, like Integrity Construction, that is going to deliver and that is only possible when you go with the best. Let’s take a glance at what the best kitchen renovation service will be able to bring to the table.
You will want to be sure that the service that you go with is as professional as possible because this can be the most frustrating reality to deal with. Why should anyone have to deal with these kinds of issues unless they are going with someone who is openly stating they don’t do a good job?
Professionalism is key and it can speak volumes about how the service is going to be in terms of the actual renovation. This begins with their first contact with you and then onto the quote and related activities that take place. Make sure they are as professional as possible at all times.
Time Management
This might be hard to pinpoint at first, but those who do figure out the importance of this will start to value the service they have. Kitchen renovations take a long time and that is a given, but when a deadline has been set, it should be stuck with by the service. The homeowner should not have to chase after the service to complete the job properly.
It should be done before or on the deadline as stated and anything that is ‘iffy’ in this regard should be avoided immediately. This is why it is best to read the reviews that come in about the service.
Courteous Behavior
You will not only want a service that is professional, but you will want someone that is courteous when dealing with you. This means, they are not going to try and push you around or try to force their way of doing things. They will be willing to listen to you and communicate in a manner that is positive for both parties.
Integrity Construction is always going to make sure this is the case because they will be willing to work hard for you and with you.
These are just some of the nuances that have to be brought to the table by Integrity Construction’s renovation service to make it worthwhile for you to go with us. Don’t just go with any odd service because you will end up regretting having done so. You should only be going with those who have the ability to spend a lot of time with you and your kitchen. They should not be looking to cut corners every chance they get as a lot of services tend to do and that can cause a lot of grief.  Let us take the worry out of your kitchen remodeling in Denver

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