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Warning:  Beware of Hail Damage Canvassers!

Hail Damage in DenverIf your area has suffered hail damage, within a few days you will be inundated with door-to-door canvassers offering to fix your hail damage.  Be very careful, most of these people are not reputable contractors.  Always do your due diligence, do your homework before signing any contracts.

1. Check for Roofing Contractor Reviews

Always check for roofing or other contractor reviews by typing the contractor name and city into Google.  You should be given a list of places that have reviews other customers have left about that company.  Avoid companies that have poor ratings or no ratings.  Here's an example of a great review


2.  Check out the Contractor's BBB rating.

The contractor's website should have a logo which looks like this: BBB denver roofing contractors

3.  Call Integrity Xteriors Inc. for a Free Hail Damage Estimate.

At Integrity Exteriors we are a full service hail damage contractor.  We look after your roof, windows, doors, siding or anything else damaged by the hail storm.

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